What is composite?

Composite is a glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). The glass ensures that the material is very strong and thus vandalism resistant. By the smart design of the door is the Sonesto composite door impervious to stickers, markers and scratches can be easily removed. It is a unique material for locker doors with all the good features.

The composite doors of Sonesto can be collected and reused to refurbished doors. Sonesto achieved the highest degree of recycling (reuse) on the Lansink ladder.

Are composite doors difficult to clean?

No, the plastic doors are very easy to clean. Sonesto has a special compound set for cleaning and maintenance of composite material. You can order this set directly at our website. You can also clean the doors with the most common all-purpose cleaner.

Which cell size do I need?

That depends on what kind of material you need to store. Tell us what your storage need is and we’ll come with the best possible advise.

What does sublimate mean?

Sublimate is a technique to apply any possible image onto your locker doors. The material is coated with a special layer of power coating in which under heating pigments are inserted which are embedded. This creates a lasting result, the images on the locker doors are no longer removable. Have a look at our references for a number of examples of our sublimated lockers.

Which locks (locking systems) do you have?

We supply all major kinds of mechanical and electronic locks. We are happy to inform you about the differences in application, functionality and price.

Can you install the lockers?

Of course you can contact us if you want us to install your lockers. Have a look at our references under the tab ‘’Business’’ to get a complete overview of the possibilities. 

Do you work with private mechanics?

Yes, Sonesto takes care of delivery and installation by our very own experienced mechanics. They know all the ins and outs and risk of moving lockers in your previous interior. The transport is provided by an external partner where we work with for many years.

Do you also pick up the old lockers?

Sonesto can pick up your old lockers, contact us for more information.

Can I receive references?

Sonesto is pleased to bring you in touch with relationships that use our products. Contact your project advisor and he will give you the contact details from the relations with similar product wishes.