About us

Sonesto is established in 1984 and has almost 35 years of experience in providing high quality storage solutions from within our facility based in Drachten, the Netherlands.

About Sonesto

We provide products across a wide variety of industries and sectors.

The industries and sectors we supply to are education, various governments, businesses and non-profit organizations. We supply our products in the Netherlands and abroad. We maintain high quality levels service and are always looking for improvement.

We work with different suppliers, each with a specific expertise regarding material, component or operation. We have an independent position in the market and can offer you the best advise.

Innovation & experience

Sonesto has many years of experience in all kind of storage systems and we are always prepared to go that extra mile.

We go beyond just providing products, we also take care of the installation or if desired finish. Your project is turn-key delivered by us.

It’s in the DNA of Sonesto to create, design and develop smart solutions.

It’s in the DNA of our various suppliers to make, with their specific expertise regarding material, component or editing process, the most effective production rate. Because we are not necessarily a facility with wood and/or steel machine tools, we are completely independent and we have an independent position concerning material choice and so we can give optimal advice.

Our mission is to relieve our clients when it comes to secure storages.
Our challenge is to find the best solution for each specific requirement.

Sonesto is part of Kastiel Group B.V. which also owns LoQit B.V.

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