LoQit is the leading innovative electronic locking system for storage furniture and features with unprecedented flexibility.

Flexibility regarding how the lock are operated, the opening method and reporting requirements, but also if you decide to add other functionalities at a later date. With LoQit you always keep pace with the rapid technological developments and are ready for what the future holds! Is your organization changing? LoQit changes with you!


As an innovative inventor holding 21 patents, PDN develops a range of products: these include, for example, a robot for health care, a mineral insulation material, and also RFID-hardware and software. PDN’s electronic locking system has been used for many years at many locations throughout the Netherlands, for example at Zeist town hall, at Danone and at the Amsterdam harbour authorities


Mainline Power & Data is an innovative power track that allows anyone to simply and safely add, remove or reposition power and data sockets.