Locker full core HPL

Locker full core HPL

Do you choose for a locker made of the strong, water resistant full core HPL Sonesto supplies custom made products in many measurements and colours you may desire.

And of course you may choose out of the full delivery programme of locks from Sonesto. The bottom, the doors, the top and the shelves are made of 12 mm thick material. The side, partition and back walls are made of 4 mm thick material. The doors are hung on milled stainless steel hinges.

Advantages of laminate

  • water resistant
  • minimal maintenance
  • minimal expansion
  • minimal bend
  • high surface stiffness
  • high impact resistance
  • high shock resistance
  • very good scratch resistance
  • Safe burning characteristics: – does not melt – does not catch fire – does not flake
  • durable and lasting
  • suitable for intensive use
  • exclusive look


  • • mailbox slit
    • extra shelf
    • sloping top
    • socket
    • version as Z-cabinet
    • your specialty
  • Colours bodies and doors

Available in many colours, colour combinations and wood structures.


Suitable for all kinds of mechanical en electronic locks.