Locking systems

Sonesto has a wide range of electronic and mechanical locks.

Electronic lock LoQit

LoQit is the leading innovative electronic locking system for storage furniture and features unprecedented flexibility.

Flexibility regarding how the locks are operated, the opening method and reporting requirements, but also if you decide to add other functionalities at a later date.

With LoQit you always keep pace with the rapid technological developments and are ready for what the future holds! Is your organization changing? LoQit changes with you!

Zernike College Sonesto Lockers

Wireless electronic locks

Would you like lockers without keys, but not electronic locks with cables?

Then wireless electronic locks are a good choice. Sonesto supplies a broad range of wireless electronic locks with different functionalities. For example it is possible to open a door with a pin code or by holding a programmed card in front of the lock. Some locks are suitable for linking with access control systems and suitable for RFID technology, for example MIFARE.

There are locks with a special time function in order to specify user-time or to specify real-time blocks.

All locks can be permanently used by the same user (permanent use) or by each time a different user (dynamic use).

Mechanical locks

Sonesto delivers all common types of mechanical locks, for example cylinder locks, UGL locks, radial locks, knobs, built-in combination locks, latch locks, combination padlocks and different sorts of coin locks.

Zernike College Sonesto Lockers